About Us

Canadian Drumline Association (CDA)

CDA is Canada’s premier non profit organization producing marching percussion ensemble (drumline) competitions. The CDA provides qualified adjudication and standardization for competition in the Canadian drumline activity. Several regional competitions are held between January and April,  followed by Provincial Championships.

CDA Mission

CDA exists to foster positive experiences for all who participate, by promoting education, creativity, and freedom of expression through competition of marching percussion ensembles.

General Info

CDA was founded in 2011 to draw together the growing drumline activity, standardize rules, and provide leadership and guidance. Now there is a National organization that offers:

  • Improved communication
  • Standardized judging criteria within the activity
  • A network of Regional contests in Quebec, Alberta, British Columbia, and Ontario


CDA uses a competition-based approach for organizing events in order to showcase youth activities in pursuit of high standards of achievement.


A drumline consists of marching snare drums, marching tenor drums, marching bass drums, and marching cymbals. A competing ensemble must be 51% drumline.

Competition Classifications:

All CDA contests provide five classifications

Concert – ensembles who perform standing still, and demonstrate basic Percussive skills

Intermediate – ensembles who march and demonstrate moderate Percussive  skills

Premier – ensembles who demonstrate advanced marching and Percussive skills

Collegiate Class – performers aged 22 and younger

Concert Alumni – ensembles who perform standing still, and demonstrate advanced skills

Marching Alumni – ensembles who perform marching and demonstrate advanced skills

  • All performers in Concert, Intermediate, and Premiers class must be enrolled in secondary school or lower.
  • Performers in Collegiate class must be aged 22 or younger
  • Performers in Concert Alumni and Marching Alumni classes may be of any age.

Member fees

There is an annual membership fee of $100 per ensemble, and $100 competition fee for each ensemble in each competition.

Ensemble Registration - 2023

  • Fees are $100 per school/organization for an anual CDA membership, and $100 per competing ensemble in each event. The Alberta exhibition Festival and the Virtual Championships are free events - only a membership fee is required.