Drumline Workshops

Educational Workshops

The Canadian Drumline Association (CDA) is excited to offer Drumline workshop across Canada to help foster new scholastic drumline programs, and support existing ensembles.

There are two workshops available:

Technical Drumline Workshop – For current drumlines

Discover Drumline Workshop – For schools and groups interested in starting a Drumline

Discovery Drumline Workshop

The CDA will provide:

  • A hands-on 90 minute drumline workshop for approximately 15 students by Michael Beauclerc.
  • Drumline equipment for the clinic, in partnership with the region’s “host” drumline.

The school will provide:

  • A small administration fee to the CDA. This is viewed as a nominal fee to support the CDA’s general operation and compensate for the production of the workshop $100.
  • Space for the clinic. (a music room with the chairs cleared, or any other cleared space)
  • Teacher supervision of students participating in the clinic.
  • School admin to come and see the students drumming!

Acceptance for a Discovery Drumline Workshop is dependent on the clinic being scheduled within the same week as the regional Technical clinic, and the availability of Michael Beauclerc & equipment.

School Workshop

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