BC Solos Competition

BC Solos Competition 2019

Registration form for the CDA British Columbia Solos Competition, Friday, May 3rd, 2019 at Abbotsford Senior Secondary School (33355 Bevan Ave, Abbotsford, BC). Entry fee is $20 per participant. E-transfers can be sent to candrumline@gmail.com (password: drumline) Rules and regulations are listed below.

Solos Competition Regulations 2019

1.0 CDA will provide qualified adjudicators at all sanctioned events

1.1 Tabulation of final scores are subject to review by the Chief Judge, up to twelve (12) hours after a competition.

1.2 CDA reserves the right to refuse or eject a performer or an ensemble.

1.3 All fees must be paid in full before a performer can compete, and are non refundable.

1.4 CDA and Drumline Magazine may photograph/videotape events for promotional purposes.

1.5 All performers wishing to participate must register for each category they compete in (solo, duet, small ensemble). The registration is a $20 flat fee per performer.

1.6 Public verbal, digital, or written slander of the CDA, any representative of the CDA, competitors, board directors, or adjudicators will result in an ejection of offending person

1.7 The CDA is not responsible for the physical or mental safety of performers, staff, Audience members, and volunteers who participate in any CDA event. The CDA is not responsible for loss or return of equipment and personal belongings.

1.8 All performers must be enrolled in secondary education or lower, and represent a registered competing ensemble of the CDA in good standing.

1.9 There is no Critique after the solos competition

1.11 The competition will be held on May 3rd, 2019 at Abbotsford Senior Secondary School (33355 Bevan Ave, Abbotsford, BC)

1.12 The schedule of the competition will be determined by the CDA, and will be influenced in part by the number of performers. It will be made public and advertised in a timely fashion.

1.13 General admission to the competition is five (5) dollars. 


Solo Snare Drum

Solo Multitenor

Small Ensemble Bass

Small Ensemble Cymbals

Small Ensemble Marching Percussion(8 performers max)


Solo concert/latin percussion

Solo Mallet Percussion

2.0 Performers my only use the instruments in the title of their classification

Penalty: disqualification

2.1 The use of electronics and pre-recorded music is prohibited

Penalty: disqualification

2.2 A performer may only compete in a category once per event (only one solo etc)

Penalty: disqualification

2.3 Solo competitions may only have a single (1) performer. Duet competitions may only have two (2) performers.

Penalty: disqualification

2.4 No single, triggered, electronic sound may produce rhythmic intent (metronome)

Penalty: disqualification

2.5 No pyrotechnics, firearms (of any type), flammable liquids, and/or canisters will be permitted in or around the competition site. Effect creating tools, including but not limited to smoke machines, compressed air apparatuses, animals, helium filled balloons, lasers, and lighting (not already installed in the building) may not be used as any part of the performance. Neither wet cell batteries, nor gasoline, electric, or manually powered generators can be used. Building lighting cannot be turned off, dimmed, or otherwise altered by the performing ensemble.

Penalty: disqualification

2.6 A competitor may not be conducted or signalled by another person during the performance.

Penalty: disqualification

2.7 Concert and Latin percussion include the following: marimba, vibraphone, xylophone, concert snare drum, timpani, congas, and timbales.

Penalty: disqualification

2.8 Duet instrumentation is limited to: snare drum, multitenors, bass, and cymbal.

Penalty: disqualification

2.9 Marching and dancing are not adjudicated. All performances are stand still (concert).

Penalty: five (5) points

2.11 No external props of any kind.

Penalty: five (5) points

2.12 Solo competitors may only play on a single (1) instrument per performance

Penalty: disqualification


3.0 Performers will be scheduled to compete at seven (7) minute intervals. The time interval will include entrance, set up, introduction, performance, exit and removal of all equipment.

Penalty: one tenth (.1) point per second over

3.1 The maximum performance time ceases when a performer/ensemble finishes playing, and shall not exceed two and a half (2.5) minutes

Penalty: one tenth (.1) point per second over

3.2 All competing personnel, shall remain within the competition area and be judged in all captions for a minimum of one and a half (1.5) minutes.

Penalty: one tenth (.1) point per second under

3.3 All captions will be judged for the maximum performance time or until the performer/ensemble ceases playing.

3.4 Soloist and ensembles competing at CDA Contests cannot be required to perform before the time set in the latest schedule for the contest, distributed by the CDA Office.

3.5 Any equipment may be placed within the competition area by anyone prior to the start of competition. Before the performance begins, all non-performing personnel must be off of the competition area. (Adults are not permitted to stay in the competition area during a performance.)

Penalty: fifteen (15) points

3.6 Performance time begins with the first note following the MC introduction.

3.7 Competitors may not perform before or during the introduction. An extremely short warm up with the performers back to the audience is acceptable.

Penalty: fifteen (15) points


4.0 Performers will where the uniform/clothing of the school/ensemble they represent.

Penalty: disqualification

4.1 Audience members are asked to be quiet and respectful during a performance.

Penalty: removal of offender