FAQ’s for the 2023 Season

FAQ’s for the 2023 Season

Want to know something about the CDA 2023 Competitions? Take a look at our list of frequently asked questions to find out the answers to our most common queries.

How do I enter my ensemble?

There is a dropdown window in our ensemble registration form allowing you to choose the classification and events you would like your ensemble to participate in.

Does my ensemble qualify?

The 2023 events are open to all CDA member ensembles. Each event requires a competition fee of $100 per ensemble. Multiple ensembles from the same school may share our annual $100 membership fee. All CDA ensembles must have a minimum of 6 performers. 51% of each ensemble must consist of “Drumline” instrumentation (marching snare drums, marching tenors drums, marching bass drums, marching cymbals). Soloists must be members of a registered/registering 2023 CDA ensemble, and a competition fee of $25 is required for each soloist performer. 

What are this year’s categories?

Upon registration you will be asked to choose which of the five categories your ensemble will enter. Choose the one that best suits your skill level and age. Soloists of our member ensembles will register separately. 

Here are the 2023 categories:

  • Solos (solo snare, solo tenor, solo mallets, duet, small ensemble bass, or cymbals, with performers in grade 12 or younger)
  • Concert Class (Stand still ensembles demonstrating beginner drumming skills with performers in grade 12 or younger)
  • Intermediate Class (Beginner marching ensembles demonstrating intermediate  drumming skills with performers in grade 12 or younger)
  • Premier Class (Advanced marching and drumming skills with performers in grade 12 or younger)
  • Collegiate Class (performers aged 22 and younger)
  • Alumni Class (performers of any age)

Can I, as a teacher or instructor, accompany my drumline in a live performance?

No. Educators may conduct and que ensembles in Concert Class, and may not contribute to the audio of the performance

Does my ensemble need to perform a specific song?

No, you are free to choose, compose, or commission any work you like. The total performance time must be 4-7 minutes in length.

Is there a hashtag I can use to promote my drumline ?

Yes, #candrumline.